Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Batman on Top, Catwoman on Bottom

Hey's been a minute! And by a minute, I mean 6 months....yikes! Blogging used to be a constant in my life, but with craziness at work and a sprinkling of health issues, it has become something that has taken a backseat this year. I'm hoping that will soon change, BUT, no promises.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this cute little outfit I wore a few weeks ago to a Girl's Night Out event hosted by a few local bloggers and vendors.

Printed skirts and graphic tees are all the rage right now, but rather than the typical rock and roll tee, I opted for an old super hero tee (it's actually a men's Batman tee from Target) to top my Catwoman-inspired skirt. This cute little printed, faux denim skirt is from Pink Lilly Boutique (it's no longer available but they do have a few other skirts that are similar!) and my open-toed booties are Lucky Brand.

I think the real star of this show is my wide-brimmed hat and you would NEVER guess that I got it on Amazon for $15.99. The quality is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. It comes in so many colors! Shop my look below and stay tuned for (hopefully) more posts coming soon!

Kacie Clark

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  1. I looked at your website. You seem very passionate about fashion. We would be glad if you could look at our website and give us feedback. We also wanted to ask you if you would like to write a guest post for our blog. Think about it and just let us know.

    Btw: I hope you feel better now