Monday, February 27, 2017

Suited Up

Let me tell you a story.

Imagine you drink a LOT of water throughout the day. Now imagine you wear a cute olive green bodysuit...and overalls over that...and a sweater over that. Sounding like a nightmare, right? Nope, just another Tuesday for me.

Let's just say I was strapped in and overly annoyed at each bathroom break. But how cute was this outfit...and how great is this red brick wall??

I got these overalls last Spring on Amazon and I've worn them so many different ways! A co-worker called me Luigi but hey, even I can appreciate a good Nintendo reference now and then. And I bet he didn't wear his favorite MVMT watch and Onecklace script name necklace when he was bopping mushrooms on the head, now did he? #FashionFailure

I've linked to some other great overall options below - I also tried to link to my bodysuit but when I search for "bodysuit" in Shopsense all that comes up are baby onesies so...sorry?

Kacie Clark


  1. You are rockin' those overalls girl! You look awesome!


  2. Great outfit!