Thursday, August 27, 2015

Global Fashion

We are total shoe girls and enjoy all types of footwear. When Ikwetta reached out to us, we were first very intrigued by their brand and story and fell in love with their mission and colorful products. Haven't heard of this brand? Let us give you a rundown of their story:

Ikwetta’s journey began in 2014 when a husband and wife returned to the husband's home country of  Kenya to enjoy a honeymoon trip. Viewing a gathering of over 200 local artisans in Nairobi and their eye-catching, beautifully beaded sandals caught the wife's attention and the idea for Ikwetta was born–but it's about more than fashion, it's about helping Africa's talented artisans become self-supportive. The war against poverty has been happening for ages, but little progress has been made. Ikwetta's mission is to promote these talented artisans and help them sell their beautiful products around the globe, while raising funds to build an actual workshop for these artisans. Therefore, every purchase you make not only changes the life of one artisan, but also helps the African economy flourish and helps Africa stand on its own two feet!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fringe Benefits of Fall

Fall Fringe Benefits

The fringe benefits of fall are numerous, but nothing is more exciting than shoes for this girl. Wearing fringe totally brings out my inner boho girl, but even if this trend seems outlandish I'd like to refer you to these shoes. Oh, what's that I hear? You're all about the fringe trend now. That's what I thought. For a laugh–please read the reviews of the furry loafers I linked to above. I mean seriously people, I can't make things this ridiculous up.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy 2-Year Blogiversary

Regally Soled is officially two! To celebrate our two-year blogiversary, we wanted to do something fun that really showed off our personality and what our blog is all about. Not only was a blog redesign in order, BUT so were cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake, french macarons from The Cake Bake Shop and pink champagne–after all, what is a celebration without champs and sweet treats!

We had the opportunity to work with fellow Indy style blogger, Kelli Bastin of Big Hair & Foodie Fare and had an amazing time meeting this fabulous girl. We met in the heart of the city, right downtown on Monument Circle and snacked, chatted and snapped some amazing photos at this cute little cafe area. Be sure to follow this girl–she's always sharing amazing pictures, yummy recipes and of course adorable style! If you're local, definitely reach out to her for photos.

We've had some much fun blogging over the past few years sharing our style story and getting to know other girls with a love for fashion. Let us know what you think of the new design–Cheers!