Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 | A Regal Year in Review

You guys...we've been terrible bloggers lately. Work has been crazy and our personal lives have also been busy and blogging and social media have taken a backseat. But, our goal in 2017 is to get back on track. So, despite it being a few weeks too late, we thought we would do a recap of last year because all in all, it was an amazing year for Regally Soled!

We were so honored to work with the lovely Elise, photographer and owner of our favorite boutique, Elysian, for some super fun photo shoots...

 See more of this shoot here, here and here

...including our amazing three-year blogiversary photos!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Lightened Up

If you look at my Instagram or any of the blog posts I've done for the last two months, you'll see that I've literally been living in black and/or olive green. I'm finally beginning to accept the fact that winter is here (perhaps its due to the ice storm we had this weekend) and decided to start lightening up my wardrobe...a little. The first look of my lightened up wardrobe was this. Very 'Aspen ski lodge', right?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Accessorize Like a Champ with Happiness Boutique

I'm a big fan of basic looks styled with layers of accessories and stacked jewelry–especially in the winter when all you want to do it toss on a hoodie and sweat pants and still manage to find yourself shivering. Yeah, welcome to the Midwest my friends where it's like a nonstop blustery winter day until roughly March. At least my accessories make me happy!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Personalized Jewelry with Onecklace

If you've been following us for very long, you know how much we LOVE our gold monogram necklaces from Onecklace. You can imagine our excitement when we learned that they now offer jewelry in rose gold. I mean, who doesn't love shiny pink metal?! Onecklace was nice enough to send us two new personalized necklaces to add to our jewelry collection and we couldn't be happier with them!

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Perfect Fall Button Down

I remember when wearing black and brown was a no-no...or maybe it still is? Turns out, I don't really care. In fact, I happened to love this color combo and will cherish this leopard scarf until it literally falls apart. It's a staple piece for sure and I've had it so long that I can't even remember where I got it. Super helpful, right? Don't worry, I've linked to some other great leopard scarves below! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Colors of Fall

My future's so bright, I need sunglasses–literally, I needed sunglasses while shooting these photos. I had no idea how bright it was going to be while taking these photos. Totally poor planning on my part, but at least I got some cute shots of this cute fall look featuring my favorite fall colors

I'm a huge fan of olive year round, but it definitely shines best in the fall–especially in a striped version. I'm a sucker for stripes also, so how could I resist this drop waist top from Target? Trick question, I couldn't. Which is why I'm standing before you in one of my favorite looks of fall.

I don't know if I've ever shared this or not, but I'm SUPER picky when it comes to booties. Kacie can vouch for me when I say I've bought 20+ pairs and have yet to find a style I really love–until I found these Dolce Vita beauties. The soft, supple leather and the pointed toe stole my heart at Nordstrom, so much so that I had to purchase two different colors. Bonus for you: they are on sale ($95.91) right now! Cha-ching! It also helps that they perfectly match this awesome BlankNYC faux leather jacket.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cozy In A Cardigan

I was just telling Jaime the other day how we've flip-flopped. I used to be an earthy, neutral girl and she was the all-black queen. I guess you could say that we've rubbed off on each other's style and now we've switched – I rarely wear anything other than black! But on this particular day, I decided to lighten up (tall order, I know) and go with a white, olive and gray combo and I have to was a winner!